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The incredible combination of the finest ingredients, stirred with tradition and mixed with all the flavor!


Choose Your Flavor - Wing or Hot!

  • only the brave
    for those that like it hot, our savory blend of Louisiana aged spices is sure to satisfy the pyros out there!
  • finger licking wings
    our sauce is made from the finest ingredients. It has been time tested by Southern Florida's Wing-heads for decades.
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The story behind our product

Over 20 years of legendary taste

Over the last 20 years South Floridians have time-tested legendary radio personality "Footy's" line of hot and wing sauces. A mainstay in the South Florida radio market for 34 years and host of "The Footy and Mike Show" - aired on 560 WQAM. Footy's sauces are made from only the finest ingredients and produced professionally. He would challenge anyone to pour any of these sauces on a napkin... you definitely won't find a watered down product.


Footy's Sauce Has Gone International

In Sweden Footy's Sauce is enjoyed as Buffalo Ranch. There is no name recognition for "Footy" in Sweden, but the recipe and taste are just the same!

Buffalo Ranch crafts Tex-Mex foods uses authentic ingredients and traditional methods. Our foods are part of the heritage of the American West, from our home on the ranch to your table.


"We manufacture our products with the utmost care and dedication, we check carefully the process from the raw materials to your home."

Footy - Founder

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